Safety Tips for Frozen Garage Doors and Their Parts in Winter

Safety Tips for Frozen Garage Doors and Their Parts in Winter

For every homeowner, the potential of a cold, snowy season can be an irritating prospect for more than one reason. Heavy snow means shoveling, it means having to go out in freezing temperatures, it means slower traffic and so one. The last thing we want on the list is a frozen garage doors. Whether traffic will slow us down or not, we have to get to work in the morning. But that means our car has to get out of the garage. This is an issue a lot of people have to deal with in the winter so its important to be prepared and know how to handle it when (or if) it happens.

Why do garage doors freeze in the first place?

Here’s a common scenario that’s usually what causes garage doors to freeze: Outside, it can get very cold, while inside the garage temperatures tend to be a lot more acceptable. If snow gets under the rubber of your door, the warmth from inside can cause that snow to melt. Overnight, that melted water can turn to ice and freeze your door shut. Another reason can be due to ice and too much snot forming up around the exterior of your door. Either way, we have to deal with it. So here are some helpful tips to help you get it opened the right way:

Tip #1: Don’t try to force it open

The first thing to bare in mind is that trying to force it open may only make things worse. If you’re remote doesn’t work, it may be that the automatic garage door opener has burned out from ineffectively trying to open. That’s why the first thing people try is to open it using the manual switch. This can be a very bad idea, because if it’s frozen shut too stiffly, it could break the system completely if you try to open too persistently. In you get lucky and it isn’t badly frozen, trying the manual switch once may get it open. But this isn’t something you should overdo. Because if the system breaks, you’ll be stuck inside and need to replace it.

Tip #2: Use boiling water to unfreeze it quickly

Boiling hot water can do the trick to quickly unfreeze your frozen garage doors if you’re in a hurry. Just make sure to open it immediately after pouring the hot water, otherwise that water may freeze too and create an even bigger disaster.

Tip #3: Use a heater

The safest solution is using a heater (or heating gun) to warm up the ice until it melts. This takes a bit of patience though so it may not be ideal if you’re in a hurry.

Tip #4: Prepare in advance and avoid freezing all together

It’s always good to remember that avoiding a potential freeze all together can be a lot more effective than having to deal with the consequences of a freeze. To do that, remove the snow and ice from your pathway frequently, and consider installing a heater to keep the garage at warm temperatures at all times.

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