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The garage door is the heaviest moving part of a home. It weighs around 400 pounds as it has scores of parts. As garage doors are used frequently, their parts wear out or tend to develop technical glitches over a period of time. As a result, a door gets noisy, or worse, stops opening or shutting. A garage door may fall on the floor if the moving parts fail to operate properly. A garage door and its operating mechanism should be inspected by a trained and experienced garage door technician at least twice a year.


The EPIC Garage Door Specialists can inspect and repair garage door problems that may cause trouble for the homeowners sooner or later. One of the moving parts that can cause a problem is the garage door rollers. Problems with rollers can be annoying as well as dangerous. The rollers are attached to the hinges to hold the door on the tracks as the door moves. The garage door rollers help a door go up and down smoothly. Therefore, immediate action should be taken when your roller wears out or stop functioning due to any reason.

The garage door roller replacement parts are made of steel or nylon, latter being the latest material used in manufacturing of rollers. You should prefer rollers made of nylon because they are quiet. They are available with different numbers of ball bearings that make the rollers quiet in operation and last longer than other types of rollers. Steel rollers may last as long, but the high noise factor does not complement the extra longevity of the rollers. Roller stems are available with zinc or stainless steel plating for those places where rust is a problem. However, it is important to match the roller with the size of a garage door.

Garage Door Roller Replacement in Arizona by Skilled Repair Technicians

Garage door roller replacement in Arizona by a garage door technician who understands the ideal roller for your door is your best bet for long lasting operation of the door. All rollers don’t lift the same amount of weight. A professional will compare the weight of a garage door to the weight and rating of different individual rollers and recommend the perfect one. However, all rollers wear over time and the hinges that hold the rollers may also become weak from wear or rust. The life of these garage door roller replacement parts can be extended by lubricating them during scheduled inspections.

Homeowners should not attempt garage door rollers repair on their own as there is a lot of danger involved in it. There are several parts in the operating mechanism that can seriously harm or even kill a person if they are misaligned. The U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that over 30,000 people are seriously injured every year by a broken or faulty garage door, and this number includes only the people who had sought medical attention. One of the parts that may cause severe injuries when it wears out and left unattended is the torsion springs. They are mounted on the wall in the center of the door opening. The lift cables are equally dangerous.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Garage Door Rollers?

Garage door roller replacement cost quoted by service providers vary according to the requirements of different garage door brands. EPIC Garage Door Specialists offers discounts to the valuable customers, for both existing and new ones. We ensure complete satisfaction in garage door roller replacement, which includes keeping the rollers replacement cost in check, so that it may fulfill our clients needs and suit their budget.

All garage door repairs should be performed by technicians who are door specialists or professionals. Therefore, contact us to ensure long-lasting smooth functioning of your garage door.

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I called on a Sunday and hey sent a tech out on a Monday afternoon. He identified the problem right away and fixed that. He then checked out the rest of the components and made what ever adjustments were needed. His pricing was more than fair considering that he had to make the trip too.

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