How To Prevent Water From Entering Your Garage: Garage Door Annual Inspection

How To Prevent Water From Entering Your Garage: Garage Door Annual Inspection

Garage door annual inspection is very important because garage leaks are troublesome to many homeowners and businesses. During a heavy rainfall, wind and rain can force leaves to gather underneath your garage door. Pests and insects can also get through and make your garage their new home. Take steps now to prevent this from occurring.

Get an Annual Inspection

You can avoid rainwater leakage below your garage door by being proactive. Get an annual inspection from a professional at All Pro Door Repair. Our staff can put your mind at ease and help you avoid the surprise of a leak during a heavy rain downfall.

Replace the Bottom Seal

The bottom seal (also called weather stripping) has a limited lifespan. Seals last about a year. A bottom seal replacement goes where the door meets the concrete floor.

A time-consuming consideration can make it difficult for you, if you’re do-it-yourselfer (DIYer), to install the seal the right way. The floor must be thoroughly cleaned and free of oil, dust, and grease. If it’s soiled, the adhesive won’t bind effectively. Bottom seals won’t work for every floor. It’s not recommended if there’s loose concrete or gravel where the door meets the floor.

Painted floors are particularly challenging and time-consuming for the DIYer. The paint must first be scraped away where the seal is to be placed. Otherwise, the seal won’t attach secure enough to the floor.

Replace the Top and Side Seals

Just as floor seals wear out after about a year, the seals on the sides and the top of the garage door deteriorate too. Openings around the edges of the door can be a source of leaks. To prevent leaks in this area, replace the seals around the door the same time you have the bottom seal replaced.

Use a Trench Drain

The trench drain solution works best when the water is pouring down into your garage. You can divert the path of the rainwater by having a trench drain installed. This way, the rain still flows downward. It’s stopped and forced to go to the sides of your driveway instead of in your garage. This is a complex, effective solution that our technicians have much experience handling. They’ll use a steel or PVC channel and a wire gate part for draining. Poured concrete holds the channel in place.

Rubber Gaskets are a Temporary Solution

Some DIYers have tried to install rubber gaskets. It’s a temporary solution to a long-standing problem. During a heavy storm, the gaskets may overflow. Don’t risk ruining your driveway and surrounding landscape. The professionals at All Pro Door Repair have the right solution to stop your garage door leak.

Experienced Technicians, Quality Parts

Each of our trained specialists has more than five years of industry experience. We believe a garage door repair company is most valuable to its customers when it uses the best parts it can find. Then, it completes the service it provides at a reasonable, honest price.

Commercial and Residential Service

We service both commercial and residential properties in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. We repair all brands including:

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