Helpful Maintenance Tips for Garage Door Safety Sensors

Helpful Maintenance Tips for Garage Door Safety Sensors

Garage doors are ideally designed to protect your vehicles from anti-social elements and increase the safety proposition of the house. At times, however, garage doors can be highly dangerous and crush down children and pets. For avoiding serious accidents, it is imperative to install garage door safety sensors.

In 1991, the Consumer Product Safety Commission revised entrapment protection requirements for all automatic residential garage doors. The standard requires that residential garage door openers incorporate an “electric eye” which sees any object obstructing the path of the garage door. As responsible homeowners, it is thus important to ensure safety sensors operate optimally. When any damage occurs to the beam transmitter or receiver, a few helpful maintenance tips can easily prevent recurrent issues in the garage door sensors.

Maintenance Steps

  • For smooth operating garage door sensors, always ensure that the sensors are clean. A blocked sensor cannot function and therefore, it is important to clean the garage door sensors at regular intervals.
  • Unlike garage door springs, tracks and garage door rollers, garage door sensors require no lubricants. Application of garage door lubricants on the sensors will block it.
  • It is always important to check the sensors regularly for adequate connection. Poor quality connection may hamper the sensors to function optimally.

Importance of Maintaining the Garage Door Sensors

Unarguably, sensors play a significant role in protecting people who use the garage door. If you press the garage door remote accidentally, and your child is standing on the path of the garage door, well-maintained garage door sensors will automatically reverse the garage door thereby preventing garage door accidents. Garage door injuries can turn out to be dangerous and critical. To ensure the safety and security of your children and pets, it is definitely important to maintain the top-notch condition of the garage door sensors.

Effective operation of the garage door demands the use of garage door sensors. A garage door with blocked sensors will not close the garage door faster. Well-maintained garage door sensors are thus important to ensure the smooth operation of the garage door.

At times, it happens that you try closing the garage door and it closes half way and then reverses back. This situation generally occurs when the garage door sensors are not well-maintained. Thus, it is important to make sure that the garage door sensors function optimally at all times.


With the timely maintenance of garage door sensors, you can always choose to prevent accidents and create a safe haven for your children and pets. As homeowners, if you are unable to decide on the perfect maintenance tips of the garage door sensors, try opting for the services of specialists. The professionals of Austin Home Garage Doors are constantly available to take care of your garage door issues. In fact, you can also choose to contact the specialists for helpful troubleshooting techniques. Emergency troubleshooting techniques can prevent you from getting trapped in an inconvenient garage door situation for long.

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