Garage doors maintenance and repair

Garage doors maintenance and repair

Like all mechanical systems, regular garage doors maintenance and service to ensure they operate properly and with maximum safety and minimize garage door repairs. The U.S. CPSC recommends checking a garage door for proper operation every 30 days. Here are some other maintenance tips:

• Metal doors are far more resistant to dings and the elements than wood doors, but any door will deteriorate if not properly cared for.

• Inspect your garage door at least once a year for damage that might affect the finish or lead to rust.

• Wood doors should be refinished/resealed at least every two years.

• Protect any type of garage door from water, especially runoff and splash back from the roof eaves. Direct water away from the door, including proper drainage in front of the lower section of the door.

• Keep kids from using the door as a backstop.

• Wash your garage door regularly, with water and a mild detergent. Use car wax on metal doors to protect the finish.

• Check that the weather stripping along the bottom is in good condition. If it is cracked, it can easily be slid off and replaced.

• Lubricate the moving parts of a garage door, such as the hinges, rollers, and springs, with a lubricant specifically designed for garage doors (available at any home improvement store). Don’t use petroleum-based lubricants. Apply and wipe away the extra. Openers do not require extra lubricant.

• Test the safety-reversing sensor once a month.

• Always refer to the owner’s manual for your door and opener.

• Garage door companies do offer annual maintenance plans and will come out, check your door, make sure it is lubricated and in good working order.

Two of the most common garage door components to degrade over time are the lift-assisting springs and the rollers in the track. Here a few simple steps to check your garage door’s springs and rollers:

1. With the garage door in the closed position, pull the manual disengage handle to release the door from the opener.

2. Using the garage door handle near the bottom of the door, lift the door manually. If the springs are functioning properly, it should take the relatively little physical effort to lift the door.

3. The door should lift up evenly and smoothly up and down the roller tracks on either side. USE EXTREME CAUTION. If the door is extremely heavy to lift or doesn’t lift evenly, releasing the door could cause it to slam down, which could cause serious injury or damage.

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