Garage Door Issues That Point to Replacement

Garage Door Issues That Point to Replacement

The moving parts in your home deal with a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. The signs that you need a new garage door can become overlooked as part of a larger to-do list. If you’re not sure what the signs are, or perhaps you’ve just been ignoring some things as part of everyday life, maybe it’s time to rethink the situation. Here are some common garage door issues that point to replacement.

The heavy garage door

Manual garage doors are not uncommon. However, you may eventually hit a place where the door is heavier and heavier to open and close. Some people shake their heads and assume it’s just a matter of putting more effort into the opening. But you shouldn’t overlook this issue. Hire a helping hand to repair your garage door or replace it with an automatic model.

Rattling garage door

Many people don’t hear the rattling or struggling of a garage door while sitting in the comfort of their vehicle, but it’s something you should check. After you pull into your garage and get out of your car, open and close the garage door once to make sure you don’t hear signs of a   struggle. Simple movements or slight rattling on the tracks is OK, but if the garage door gets louder or the opening and closing gets slower, call a garage door specialist for a consultation.

Other garage door issues

Some garage door issues can be repaired, such as stripped gears or broken rollers. To spot issues before they become bigger problems or cause injury, hire a garage door specialist to perform an annual garage door tune-up.

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