Customizing Garage Doors with Windows and Hardware

Customizing Garage Doors with Windows and Hardware

When your home needs a big burst of curb appeal on a little budget, there’s one surface that can act like a giant blank canvas: your garage door. It’s amazing how much a little hardware and some windows can transform an otherwise bland surface into a door that tells the story of your home and its unique architecture.So its good idea to customizing garage doors with windows and hardware.

Choose Windows to Let the Sun Shine In

If you’re considering a new garage door, don’t skimp on the extras. The few dollars you spend on upgrading to a model with windows can pay dividends in curb appeal when you resell your home. After all, a solid door will do the job, but the windows and their style can give your home a personal touch.

Matching your garage door windows to the windows on your home can help tie the whole structure together, creating a sense of completeness for anyone driving by. When your garage door gives someone a reason to look at it, those windows and details may even create a sense that your home is bigger than it actually is.

There are two main types of windows in garage doors: the real kind and simulations. Simulated windows can be added to almost any type of garage doors, but in certain lighting it may become obvious that they’re fake. However, if your garage door faces the west or is in an area with no trees and very bright sunlight, simulated garage door windows may be the best option for maintaining the energy efficiency of your home. Real windows let in light, which can heat up your garage and makes it hard to cool the rooms attached to it.

The Devil’s in the Details

Adding windows to a garage door can really make it stand out and ties your garage more tightly to the rest of your home, but you can complete the stylistic illusion by installing garage door hardware. This type of hardware is rarely functional, instead it’s used to give the impression that the door opens in a different way than a standard garage door or it reaches back to long ago garage styles that make sense with older homes.


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