Consider Installing a Garage Door Screen

Consider Installing a Garage Door Screen: Ready for a garage party?

Extend your home’s living space by giving an existing — and perhaps somewhat unlikely — area a makeover.

You might never guess that a garage space could be transformed into an oasis, especially since the area generally attracts critters and clutter. But installing a garage door screen on the garage door opening prevents animals and bugs from entering the space, making it a large, attractive area to host parties, do projects or just relax.

How does a garage door screen work?

Visibly pleasing to the eye, a garage screen fits into the door opening much like a double-screen door off a back porch. A metal frame sits tucked away into the door’s opening, using a track system that allows you to slide the screen door back and forth.

Some systems even have a door within the screen, or a zipper, for easy access into and out of the space.

DIY garage screen door

A versatile, quick-fix option for screening in the garage, starts with measuring and cutting screen material to fit over the opening.

Then, with the garage door raised, attach the screen to the door with Velcro or hooks. The screen should touch the floor when it’s down, with enough material to enclose both sides of the doors. When you’re done using the screen, simply roll it up and secure it with Velcro or bungee cords. This option is effective if you still want to use your garage for parking a car.

The cost for this DIY approach can range anywhere from $20 to $200, depending on the quality of the material used.

If you don’t use the garage for parking the car, you can install a permanent screen door using metal frames and make-it-yourself screen doors, custom-sized to fit the garage’s opening. However, you’d want to refrain from parking your car in the garage, as driving over the frame could damage it.

Have a professional install your garage door screen

Custom-made retractable screens offer the ultimate convenience, but at a higher cost.

The screen retracts much like a garage door, offering a secure fit on all three sides of the door. Because the retractable screen doesn’t require the use of framing, you can still use the space for parking your car, and most systems work with the existing garage door.

The price for a custom garage door screen will vary depending on the features you select such as privacy, solar shading, walk-through door, etc. You’re also paying for the labor and installation. But on average, a custom garage door screen costs around $1,400.

In the end, the additional secure and comfortable space will help expand your indoor-outdoor living options. Garage door screens provide more living space, without having to close up the garage with a wall.

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