Buying and installing a new garage door

Buying and installing a new garage door

In many homes, the original new garage door was installed during construction of the garage and the builder may have chosen the least expensive model. Decades later, the homeowner may decide to upgrade to a higher quality door. While appearance and cost will likely be the biggest considerations for most homeowners, other factors such as insulation value, ease of operation and safety features should also be considered. A highly rated garage door installation professional can offer more detailed advice.

Wood was the first material used in the manufacturing of garage doors. This type of material is still one of the most desired by homeowners. Individuals will find that garage doors that are constructed from wood can be painted or stained to match their home’s look. However, without regular maintenance, wood is susceptible to rot, decay and insect infestation.


Homeowners who want a more decorative looking garage door for their home will find that many different styles of wood doors offer windows which are installed in them. Overall the decorative design that is desired will be the determining factor in the cost of wood garage door selections.


Steel garage doors are one of the most durable options that can be chosen for the home. These doors should carry at least a 24 gauge rating for strength.  Steel can be painted or purchased with a baked on finish that will complement the color scheme of a home’s exterior.  Steel garage doors can be good deterrents for would be thieves that want to gain access to the home through the garage.  Steel doors can be quite heavy due to the materials used to construct them.


Aluminum garage door styles are similar to steel doors except that they weigh much less.  This prevents them from providing a great deal of insulation and they do tend to dent easily.  However, Aluminum is one of the least expensive garage doors that can be purchased for the home, they have a long lasting finish that does not rust easily and it is available in a faux wood texture that can complement the home’s overall look.

Wood Composite

Individuals that want a garage door that has the look of wood but the strength of steel will find that the wood composite styles provide ideal results.  Garage doors that are manufactured from wood composite materials can be painted or stained to match the look of the home.

The recycled wood fibers used to create the wood composite garage doors are resistant to problems such as splitting, rotting and insect infestation.


Fiberglass garage door models are created by encasing aluminum frames with fiberglass panels.  These doors can be painted to match the home and are more resistant to dents and damage than some steel model garage door styles.  The fiberglass doors are lightweight making them easy to open and close.

The lightweight design also causes a decrease in the insulation of these doors, so individuals that live in colder climates may want to consider other options for their garage door needs.  Fiberglass does not corrode when subjected to salt-water like some other door styles out there.  Individuals that live in coastal areas will find this feature beneficial for their needs.


Vinyl constructed garage doors are designed from the same materials as siding and window casements that you see in many homes.  This is a material that is lightweight and easy to work with.  Homeowners will find that vinyl is available in a wide range of color selections that will match the look of their home.  Vinyl can crack and bend out of shape if not properly taken care of.


Depending on the brand and model, many garage doors come with varying degrees of insulation. For homes with attached garages, ensuring your garage door has adequate or more than adequate insulation can help prevent air intrusion into the home and lower overall heating and cooling costs.

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