5 Reasons why your Garage Door Springs Break

5 Reasons why your Garage Door Springs Break

The garage door is a huge setup and it requires a lot of moving parts in order to perform its function. Garage door springs is one of the important components in the entire system. It lifts up the heavy weight of the door and allows us the quick and easy movement in and out of the door. The functioning of springs is little tricky and needs proper maintenance as it may lead to life-threatening consequences. Here are some reasons why your garage door springs might suffer issues.

Wear and Tear

Mostly, the garage door springs have a life of ten thousand cycles, and in most of the cases, the biggest reason of the garage door springs failure is wear and tear. One cycle of the door includes the opening and closing mechanism and if the springs have completed their life-span, you need to replace them. In order to make your door functioning properly and increase the lifespan of the springs, install them correctly.


Rust is also a common factor due to which garage door springs malfunction without completing their life-span. Rust contributes to a shortened life-span of the springs. It increases the friction on the coil while moving onto the corrosive factor and therefore weakens the coil. You should apply a lubricating spray onto the rust factor to minimize its effect and prevent the rust buildup.

Incorrect Use of Springs

There are two types of springs you can install: extension and torsion springs. Torsion springs function by turning itself rather than expanding or contracting that contributes to a longer life-span. The extension springs have a lot of moving parts due to which lubrication becomes difficult whereas torsion springs need less maintenance. Both the torsion and extension springs are engrossed into the garage door according to the requirement and need. Therefore, installing a correct spring is important according to the weight and height of the garage door.

Broken Door Cables

Generally, if the springs break the first sign to know is to check for broken cables. Cables are the one who suffers due to broken springs. However, if you have two torsion springs attached to the door and the cables, and if one of the torsion springs break, the other supports the cable. Both types of springs need regular maintenance.

Lack of Maintenance

Eventually, all the garage door will fail after completing its lifespan but to prolong the life-span you need to properly maintain it. To avoid situation like injuries and accidents you need maintenance on a specific time-period. You must keep a check on all the moving parts of the garage door at least once in a season. If you find any issues contact professionals and replace them if you need.

The Last Word

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