Dented Garage Door Repair – How to Fix it

Garage doors are important as they help to keep your cars safe in the garage. Due to many reasons, getting a dent or two on your garage door is quite common. You will probably have to replace the entire garage door in case it has large dents. But if the garage doors have smaller dents, then you can repair or fix it yourself. For the dented garage door repair, you have to follow some steps which are very important. 

Dented Garage Door Repair

If you are looking for repair guidelines and solutions for a dented garage door, then you are at the right place. We are here to help you with all the step-by-step methods that you need to use to ensure that the dents are repaired. Once there are no dents, make sure to maintain your garage door to prevent future problems. To fix the small dents on your garage door, read on.

Repairing Garage Door Dents

To repair the dented garage door, you can follow different methods. Here are some of the methods and steps to be followed.

Method #1: 

Repairing Garage Door Dents

For this, you will need a wooden block, putty knife, rubber mallet, patching material, primer, paint and fine-grit sandpaper.

Steps to Follow:

  • First you need to wash the dented area properly with the help of warm water and detergent. Then allow it to fully dry down.
  • Now, you have to place the wood block over the dent and then tap it with the mallet for evening out the dent.
  • Then you have to sand the area and even it out.
  • You have to use a patching material for covering the area with the dent. Let it dry completely and then sand it down again.
  • After all these, you have to apply a primer and then let it dry. Once it is done, paint it.

Method #2: 

For this, you will need a heat source, aluminum foil and compressed air. 

Steps to Follow:

  • First you have to wash the area with the help of warm water and detergent solution. Let it dry completely.
  • Now put a strip of aluminum foil over this garage door dent.
  • Using a heat source, you have to evenly heat up the foil.
  • After few minutes, you have to remove the foil and then spray the dent with the help of compressed air for 30 seconds upside down.
Repairing Garage Door Dents

These two are the best methods for repairing the garage doors with dents. You can try both of these on your own. They are easy as well as quite fast to do. But if the dents are too big or too stubborn, then this may not be enough. While dents are not an uncommon garage door problem, make sure to inspect your garage door from time-to-time. You should also inspect the track system for dents, as this can cause your garage door to jerk when closing.


So, these are some of the best DIY dented garage door repair methods that you can try on your own. In case, the dents are too large to be handled, you have to call a garage door repair professional, or you can also replace the entire garage door. Either way, you have to hire a reliable service. But if the dent is manageable, you have to try out these methods and you can easily fix them on your own. You need to make sure that you are trying the methods that will suit perfectly according to your needs.

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